A small 2D game where you can use your speed to your advantage

The web version will not be as up to date as the downloadable versions (but still pretty buggy)

The game is constantly being developed so please inform me of any errors/thoughts in the comment section below


added more levels

Added fish eye effect

Fixed many bugs

added mac build

Install instructions

Simply click the install button, open the .zip then run the .exe (currently only a windows and mac version are available)


SHOT-A0.9175 Windows 25 MB
Version 26 Mar 12, 2017
shot-macbuilds.zip 32 MB
Version 1 Jan 30, 2017


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I click start and it doesn't load

Hey, I finally wanted to record this but the download windows game doesn't do anything when i press start and 'continue' opens credits.

I'll take a look at it, the game its self is crazy old at this point but I'll see what I can do!